A healthy life- A key point for happy life     

People do everything to anything to make their life good and happy. But, in the run of that, they slowly become ignorant for their health. This not causes all the trouble for their well-being, but also steals away precious moments. So, it’s better to be careful than ignorant. In the moment you feel there are some issues with your health consult the doctor and get it cured as earliest as possible.

Spinal issues-A common ailment in today’s time

Spinal injuries, ailments, diseases are quite common nowadays. The simple reason is lifestyle adopted by people. People have got indulged into prolonged working hours. This impacts a lot on the spinal portion of the body. The problem can be more painful if you don’t find the best spine surgeon in Bangalore.

Bangalore has been one of the leading medical science research centers and issues of backbone have been an intriguing subject for a scientist. The following study has an alarming message for who avoid or neglect postmenopausal osteoporosis.

“Dennis M.Black, Ph.D. and Clifford J. Rosen, M.D. found that Osteoporosis causes 1.5 Million fractures every year in the US, major victims remain postmenopausal women. The disease is identified by skeletal fragility and microarchitectural deterioration. The conceptual definition of osteoporosis connects high risk of postmenopausal fractures to low BMD and significant changes in microarchitecture. The occurrence of osteoporosis varies as per fracture incidence or low BMD”.

The information highlights the risk of spine-related disease in postmenopausal women in the US. Since the medical science of US has been approving all major results for the researchers held around the world; its finding is enough to alarm women in rest of the world.

Sattvik Foundation sincerely follows every research was done in the interest of spine related issues, its results and comes with the best possible treatment under the best spine surgeon in Bangalore.