The spine surgery center is one of the prominent names for osteoporosis treatment in Bangalore. Under the expertise of Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa and his associates, the medical center has been serving osteoporosis patients for years. The medical facilities at Sattvik Foundation are eminent and exclusive. We have complete diagnostic facilities that are needed to test and examine the disease and their levels.

What We Suggest for Spinal Surgery?

We know that preparing for spinal surgery needs two factors pain and nerve function. We suggest them not to ignore any kind of pain troubling you every day. If left for a prolonged period it can be detrimental as well. So we advise better to take consultation of best spine surgeon in Bangalore.

Never Ignore Your Spinal Fragmentation-

Studies suggest that ignoring spinal issues can trouble you a lot. A major research concludes people overlooking spinal in young have to pay when they grow old. Since there are numerous kinds of issues related to backbone, the doctors advise different kind of treatment and exercises to maintain its posture.

1. Osteoporosis is a major spinal disorder that is being extensively researched in medical field. The disease is caused by lack of calcium in the body and it majorly affects backbone as its numerous bones. It generally affects old age people whose body starts degenerating due t o aging.

2. Similarly spondiolytis is again a problem in which people find sudden stroke or pain in moving the affected part. Studies confer that regular exercises apart from medicinal treatment remain the best way to recover from the disease.

There are several other diseases which are causing worries for people but these problems can easily be treated at Sattvik Foundation, Bangalore. For more information, you can visit our website