The common problem in the world is back pain and studies are suggesting this fact. As per one study, In America, there are 8 individuals out of 10 who must feel back pain in their whole lifetime. This pain is mostly lower back pain. The pain may arise whenever you are cleaning a house or doing other physical activities. If you ignored the pain, it may become a chronic condition and so must have avoided such conditions to live a better life. Instant arise of pain in the back must be checked by the spine specialist. Somewhere there is also a possibility where you can manage the pain by yourself by following some steps suggested by a spine specialist. Consult the Best Spine Surgeon in Bangalore.

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One MD doctor (chief of spine surgery) from Washington University of medicine said that whenever you have pain and you are going with home remedies all alone, it will be a better option for the individuals.


Given below some points are given which can be effective to deal with the patients with spinal pain –

  • Keep moving —

Individuals will not feel good whenever they have to move while having pain in the back. But the spine specialist will recommend this first to you. The patient also has one misconception in their mind is that they think they cannot stay active in back pain. But you should do the daily basis activities and movement and this will help in reducing the pain.

  • strength and stretching –

Must follow some activities which can help to strengthen the muscle once it happens your muscle around the abdominal core get strong, it will support the back of the individuals. It will also relieve the pain and also protect the back of individuals.

  • Maintain good posture —

Maintaining a good posture helps to relax the pressure in the back ( lower back). Straps or stretch bands can be used to keep the spine incorrect posture. Regular follow-up for such kinds of exercises will keep the individuals fit and fine for a long period of time.

  • Healthy weight maintenance –

You should not life lift up heavy weight on a regular basis because this will put pressure on the spine and you may have to undergo surgery. So don’t put a heavy load on the spine. As less you put mechanical force on the spine lesser you feel the pain in the back.

  • Don’t do smocking –

As per various studies, people who smoke have more chances to get spine disease as compared to the people who don’t smoke. Nicotine in the cigarette weakens the spinal of the individuals and also takes the energy from the body.

These are some tips that can help to get rid of back pain in the body. For more about the consultation, you can do contact to sattvik spine and scoliosis center – Best Spine Surgeon in India to get more and better help.