Acquire proper knowledge about Scoliosis treatment

The bending of backbone in one side which form the curves is the prime symptom of Scoliosis. The disease can develop in any age group in a persons life. Some other symptoms listed below.

Joints Pain

If you feel pain in joints such as knees and legs with the curve in the spine, then you need to consult the doctor immediately followed by various check-ups. So, if you have this condition and you live in Bangalore, then consulting Sattvik foundation will open the best way for treatment. You can easily get a chance to meet Best scoliosis surgeon in Bangalore. The doctors here take extra care while treating the patients.

Dr. Yogesh Pithwa and Dr. Deepa Pithwa at Saatvik Foundation start treatment in following manner:

Inspection – this method of the treatment adopted by Dr. Pithwa’s at the time when they have to investigate the patients for reaching the conclusion of the disease condition. Toward the finish of the examination, if the bend is observed to stretch out inside the certain scope of the 20-30 degree, then according to the age of the patient and keeping in mind the side effects, the treatment starts. At that point, you have to be in touch with doctors for better results.

Surgery – Being the Top Scoliosis Surgeon in Bangalore, Dr. Pithwa only decides for surgery when the degree of curve is on the higher side and can not be treated through another process. So, if you are facing any such issue, then get best treatment at Sattvik Foundation by contacting them via

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