Scoliosis: A problem solved by top Specialists

There is a common word which you hear a lot, scoliosis. Scoliosis is a side way curvature of the spine that is occur mostly during the growth spurt just before the puberty. Simply you can say that, it the condition of abnrmal curvature of

There is a common word which you hear a lot, scoliosis. Scoliosis is a side way curvature of the spine that is occur mostly during the growth spurt just before the puberty. Simply you can say that, it the condition of abnormal curvature of the spine. If your spine is curve or it is in S or C shape, it may suggest that it is scoliosis.There are some conditions due to scoliosis happen.

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy

Scoliosis is around 3% in adolescent. In most of the cases the scoliosis is so mild but it may get severe as the children grow up.

  • Some symptoms of scoliosis given below –
  • Shoulders are so uneven
  • Uneven waist
  • One hip is higher as compared to the other one
  • One shoulder looks like more prominent as compared to other.

Due to the scoliosis there are also some complications which may arise like damage of heart and lung, back problem and unusual appearance. It is basically divided into two categories one is structural other is non structural. Structural is a condition where the scoliosis is happened due to injury or disease while in Non-structural, the scoliosis is temporary and it can be recovered easily.

If you have any symptoms of scoliosis, get in touch with the spine specialist nearby you. Ask all the queries appear in your mind while selecting the specialist for the treatment.

It may also cure by the exercises, but they must be done a regular basis for the treatment. You have to do warm up on regular basis, it may you feel good and also reduces the pain due to scoliosis.

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Best scoliosis surgeon in India
Best scoliosis surgeon in India

Do you have Best Spine Surgeon NEAR You? For your Spine Treatment India

Most of us hear the name of spine surgeons but we are not aware about the activities they do. If you or anybody nearby is suffering from back pain either it is acute or chronic pain, they have to take the big decision or step i.e. surgery. They may lead to situations where they have to depend on other ones only because of their back pain. Best thing for them is to consult a spine surgeon who can do their spine surgeries in a proper way without affecting nearby areas of the back body. Spine surgeries are not an easy task as it looks like, only experienced surgeons can handle such kind of surgery. A surgeon who already handles patients on a regular basis like spinal stenosis, degenerative disc diseases, etc. is a good option to start with. A best spine surgeon does their work with honesty and also enjoys their work, they do not look after the money and he or she completely changes the life of the person.

best spine surgeon in India
best spine surgeon in India

One fact is that if you choose the experienced spine surgeon, they surely know about the new techniques which can help the person to recover quickly. In the spine surgery, the surgeon firstly makes a cut in the lower back and then he or she identifies and removes the herniated disc that is pressing the nerve of the person’s back . There are many risks during the surgery like

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Heart attack
  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Nerve damage and many others

In spinal fusion, In this kind of surgery the doctor joins the spinal bones together means vertebrae together. This surgery is the most common surgery done by the spine surgeon for the chronic nonspecific back pain. Smoke leads to such kind surgery and also can lead to more complications.

Laminectomy, in this the spine surgeon removes the parts of bone, ligaments or bone spurs from the person’s back. Due to this pressure is released from the spinal nerve and leads to ease pain from the back pain.

There are many more surgeries operated by the spine surgeons like Disk replacement, for aminotomy to remove the back pain from the body ..

At last the crucial step for the person who has back pain is to consult the experienced and best spine surgeon in India, Bangalore.

Are you looking for best Spine Surgeon in India for your treatment?

In today’s time people are so much busy in their busy lifestyle, even they do not have time to maintain their health & wealth because of such a lifestyle most of us facing problems of back pain, it has become so common in all generations. Not taking proper diet is also a common reason which makes the people unhealthy and unconscious. Because of these reasons the spine gets weakened on a regular basis and causes so much pain to the body of the people. Some of us also forget the spine pain, which means we neglect the spine pain and after a few months the pain becomes chronic pain. Once people feel such kind of pain he or she should consult a top spine surgeon in India, this will be the best option for them.

top Spine Surgeon in india dr. yogesh

Only the spine surgeon can help you to get rid from such kind of pain in your spine. Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center is the top spine surgery service provider in Bangalore. For this, spine surgeons do a surgery which is so complicated and also requires so much attention, sometimes it can also take a lot of time than a normal time; it depends on the situation of the patient. We are the top scoliosis service provider in Bangalore as compared to the other one because we treat the patients with so much dedication and attention. One more important thing is that before going to anyone, must be sure that it should be best for you. You can ask whatever comes in your mind while choosing the spine surgeon. Selection of the spine surgeon surely matters for you because experiences one is the one who can make you feel better and healthier as compared to non-experienced one. Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center – Best Spine Surgeon in India offers spine surgery services to the customers at a very affordable rate.

This surgery (spine surgery) can’t be operated by common doctor, for these mainly two kinds of doctor involve –

  • Ortho surgeon
  • Neuro surgeon

With them you can get rid of spine pain very easily and quickly. If you need any spine surgeon, we offer top scoliosis and spine surgeon in Bangalore.