Best Spine Surgeon in Bangalore Offers Assured Results for Treatments

It is important to be sure of the quality of care you or your loved one will receive upon entering a super specialty healthcare center. There are certain things you should look for and questions to ask when reducing your list of options.

There are several reasons why you should consider Sattvik spine foundation when selecting a place for your rehabilitation. First, Sattvik spine foundation specializes in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, spondylitis, Spine tumor treatment, Low back pain and Osteoporosis. They are not just a general rehabilitation hospital like most of the centers you will find. That means they have more experience dealing with situations like yours.

In fact, their specialization has allowed their staff to develop a higher level of knowledge and achieve better results for their patients. When it comes to functional improvements, their patients are more independent and obtain better results than the average. In fact, their patients’ results, such as rates of return to the home and rates of return to work, are among the best in the India.

Sattvik spine foundation has the best spine surgeons in Bangalore who are dedicated towards for best treatments for acute to chronic spinal disorders. Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa founder of the Sattvik spine foundation has been included in the Marquis’s Who’s who in the world and also Japanese Sicot foundation award. He is having a far-famed domain record earning esteemed, ‘Dr. A.K. Talwar gold medal’ for the M.S. Orthopedics Examination, Mumbai University.

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