conditions of spine problems & their symptoms

Spine pain can be so challenging for every individual who suffers from it. Sometimes individuals can protect themselves from such kind of such by knowing the actual reason behind the pain. But you have to make a quick decision before going into deep trouble, for that you need the best spine surgeon in Bangalore who can look after the problem of the spine from that you are suffering. Individuals who are interested in making the spine a healthier one should know the conditions of the spine. Some of the conditions are as given below –

Condition 1:  spine (osteoarthritis) –

This condition can harm any joint of the body and the individual’s spine. It is a kind of degenerative disorder that causes loss of function and structure of the spine. Aging can also be the reason behind it.

Reasons behind the cause of such condition –

  • Defect in the cartilage ( genetic )
  • Traumatic injury to the joint

Diagnose –

  • Through x-ray
  • Blood test
  • MRI

Condition 2: spinal stenosis –

It is the condition where the spinal canal gets narrowed. This condition can be so serious sometimes.

It may arise due to wear and tear happen in the joint. In some individuals, there are no symptoms shown for this condition.

Types of spinal stenosis –

  • Lumber stenosis and cervical stenosis 

Symptoms –

  • Weakness in the foot
  • Pain in the back

Condition 3:  Herniated disc –  

A condition where the problem arises with a rubbery disc between the bones of the spine. Sometimes this condition may be treated without doing the surgery. This condition may affect one side of an individual’s body.

If the pain is happening for a longer period of time, you should go to a spine specialist for treatment. The specialist will suggest that your pain be treated without going to surgery or surgery is needed to cure it. Mainly medications are given first to make sure treatment should be in an easier way.

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