Different Types of Spine Surgeries for spine pain/back pain

As we are so dedicated to our work in the present time that does not mean that you don’t have to take care of your health. People who lack in providing the time to body suffer from various kind of problems. Spine pain also sometimes arises only because of a lack of concentration on the body. Improper posture is the main reason behind the pain that individuals feel in their spine. Not only the improper posture is the reason many other reasons are the causes of spinal pain like trauma cases, sports injuries, or structural anomalies. An individual with such kind of pain must have to undergo special treatment. Sometimes falling from the stairs may lead to so much pain in the spine and may exist for many more years. You will also find various more reasons that may lead to spinal pain. But the main concern is that you must point out the reason behind the spinal pain properly. Once the valid reasons behind the pain are known than the spine surgeon will suggest to you the proper treatment process that may help the individuals to get them into their normal lives. The best spine surgeon in Bangalore will also suggest you the medications which help in the recovery process.

Your spine specialist also suggests the surgery as per the severity of the spine, if necessary it will be done otherwise medications and physical therapy is enough for reducing the pain.

Spine surgery is maybe of two types –

  1. Open spine surgery – In open spine surgery, the specialist make a large cut at the site of operation and also, see the anatomy of the spine
  2. Minimal invasive spine surgery – In minimal invasive, specialists just do a small cut near the infective area thus the recovery time of this process is so quick.

There are some other surgeries that are also preferred.

  •   Vertebroplasty Discectomy
  •   Foraminotomy
  •   Spinal fusionArtificial
  •   disc replacement
  •   kyphoplasty

These all surgery processes are so effective to reduce the pain and for all these procedures you may consult the best spine Surgeon in Bangalore ie sattvik spine and scoliosis center.

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