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A pinched nerve is a condition which occurs when so much pressure is put on the nerve. The reason behind this condition is nearly surrounded tissues like cartilage , bone and muscles. This pressure can be relieved once functioning is done properly . Not much but the people who suffer from this situation feel symptoms like pain , weakness or numbness. In the body , this situation can occur at various spots like the herniated disc may cause the pain in the back of the leg. There are situations where the pinched nerve in the wrist can affect the individual’s fingers and hands. This condition is known as CTS ( carpal tunnel syndrome). The recovery period of this condition may be days or it may take a week also for you to recover. Individuals who are having wrist nerve condition must have to take a lot of rest especially for those ones who need to undergo the surgery procedure. Get Treatment for  pinched nerve System in Bangalore by Top spine surgeon in India.

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Condition behind the pinched nerve –

If you observe that this condition is affecting your routine life , then you should consult a physician. Physicians will find out the reason behind the situation.

Some of the reason behind the situation is –

–          Ruptured disc –These may put the extra put on the nerve.

–          Spinal stenosis –  it is narrowing of the space nearby the spine.

–          Facet diseases – conditions that affect the facet joints.

–          Foraminal  stenosis- it is the condition where  cervical disc space gets narrowed from joint enlargement.

–          Spinal osteoarthritis- it is the cartilage breakdown of the disc.

Other possibilities behind the cause –

In the situation of the CTS , the tissues are the main culprit because they put pressure which is the reason for the compression. All time this condition is not related to the spine. The reason behind the pressure on the nerves are as given below-

–          Thyroid disease

–          Bone spurs

–          Pregnancy

–          Overuse

–          Diabetes

Treatment of this condition –

Physical therapy

Deep tissue management

Low impact exercises


Limited rest

Application of heat

For more about this condition trauma treatment way , consult the sattvik spine and scoliosis center best spine surgeon in Bangalore.




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