Lumbar spine a crucial part of the body?

As we know that our body is made up of very crucial parts which help us in functional and in many other processes. Among all the parts , the lower back, also known as the lumbar spine, is an important part of the human body. It is located between the chest or thoracic and the sacrum. Many problems can arise in the nerve roots which may result in pain to the lower parts and this situation is called radiculopathy. With the help of lumbar spine surgery, the pain can be treated easily and help the individuals to recover quickly from the lumbar or lower pain. consult with Best Spine surgeon in Bangalore.

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Lumbar spine surgery, a right treatment for lower back pain ??

Spine specialist do the surgery as per the requirements of the situation , basically there are two type of lumbar spine surgery done to the individuals which are given as below –

–          Lumbar decompression

–          Lumbar fusion

Lumbar decompression , a process where the pain is relieved from the lower back by removing the nerve root pinching. With the help of surgery procedure , nerve roots get relief and thus help in recovery of the pain .

Lumbar fusion , it also helps in relief of pain at the lower back . It is basically used to heal the disability arising due to degenerative disc diseases.

Before going to the surgery procedure, spine specialists have to look after the situation of the spine by doing the various tests as per the need. These tests may include MRI , blood test , xray or CT SCAN .

Who can be the best one for you to do the surgery ?

An experienced and trustworthy spine specialist is the best choice for the individual who is going to do a lumbar spine at an effective price . In Bangalore , sattvik spine and scoliosis center is the experienced and trustworthy spine related service provider who can help you in each and every situation related to the spine treatment.

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