Prevent your lower pain during the period of pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy the whole family gets happy and excited for the new coming baby. This is the time where the whole family wants to enjoy each and every moment. Family plans many things for the new coming baby. At this point of this the body of women has gone through several changes during the birth period of the baby. At this time the most common problem that arises in front of most women is lower back pain. Such kind of pain is dangerous for women and even for the new coming baby, it may also cause problems during the delivery time. Women can suffer from this kind of pain even after giving birth to the child.

Consult with Best Spine Surgeon in India

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Medications can cause complications to the new coming baby. So taking the pills for cure the pain at the time of delivery is better than taking other options for the lower back pain. Studies suggest that around 80 % of women suffer from lower back pain during the period of pregnancy. Pain may come at the period of 5 month of the pregnancy. There are also some cases where the women may feel pain for 2 month of the pregnancy. But mostly these are the women who have a history of back pain.


There are mainly two kinds of pain that women’s fees during the pregnancy period are as given below –

–          Posterior pelvic pain

–          Lumber spine pain


Mostly the back pain that arises during the pregnancy is in the pelvis. Women suffer from high pain in the waistline. Sometimes women also experienced this pain in one or both sides of their tailbone. Some activities that may increase such pain are walking, climbing stairs or rolling on the bed, so these activities must be avoided during the pregnancy period.


Lumbar spine pain occurs at the centre of the back above the waist. This kind of pain is likely to be the same as the one who is not pregnant. You can increase such pain by standing for a longer period of time or by doing activities like lifting.


Women have to be making them safe during the pregnancy period. For kore they may go to the consultant for the better suggestions to handle the situation of pain during the pregnancy period. You may also take the help of sattvik spine and scoliosis center in Bangalore as per your choice.


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