Questions To Ask Before Going To Herniated Disc Surgery – Bangalore

Many types of back injuries happened in today’s time but the most common one is the herniated disc. Although to treat these many different types of treatment are available but for some people surgery is the last option. If you undergo surgery for a herniated disc, you have to think about the surgery and surgeon who will be responsible for the surgery. Before going to surgery, you must ask the surgeon various questions about the treatment-

You need to ask questions given below

  • What will be the effective surgery to treat the back pain?
  • How much time will be required to get rid from pain after the surgery?
  • Is there any non-surgical option which will be performed prior to treatment?
  • what will be the procedure of the surgery?
  • if surgery will not happen properly, what complications will occur?
  • Will a single spine surgeon do the whole surgery or will the other team of surgeons will help during the treatment?
  • After the surgery, will I do my work?
  • Medicine which has to be used after the surgery.

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By getting the answers from the surgeon, your most doubts will be clear surely. You will also feel confidence in your surgeon after getting the doubts prior to the surgery. You also have to take proper care of yourself by taking the proper diet on a regular basis because diet is also a crucial factor for the patient’s recovery. You can also give tip to the person who is looking after the operation theatre room and ask him about the situation and the surgeon who will be responsible for the treatment. He will give you the exact information about the surgeon and also tell you that spine surgeon is good for family members or not.

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