Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon before Surgery

Having trouble with your back is often discomforting. The niggling problem may soon become serious, if you do not pay attention to it. While back pain and associated pain has long been the focus of the Western world, the need for consulting the very best spine surgeon in India is being felt keenly nowadays too.

Whether you reside in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, you do have to make an appointment with the best consultant for spine surgery if you experience intense pain in your spine, particularly the lower back.

It is not advisable to keep quiet about the procedure especially when you have no idea of the procedure involved. You do definitely have to put your questions to your surgeon. All the top spine surgeons in Bangalore would be only too pleased to relieve you of your anxiety and keep you relaxed before you actually go in for spinal surgery.

Do check out the questions that you would have to ask prior to a spine treatment in Bangalore.

1. What makes me a candidate for having a spine surgery?

Well, simple back pain is usually experienced by almost all persons from time to time. However, the spine specialists in India think that you might have to have a spine surgery when you have a neck pain that spreads to both your arms. This is often associated with a weakness in your arms. You might also have to go in for surgery when the pain passes from your back to one of your legs or both legs at the same time. The spine surgeon also recommends surgery should you feel that the pain increases with walking.

2. Are there any conditions that require spinal surgery?

A number of conditions like tuberculosis and tumors of the spine warrant surgery. However, debilitating conditions like osteoporosis as well as spinal deformities too, can be rectified with surgical procedures. Top spine surgeons in Bangalore also recommend surgery for slipped discs in instances where nonoperative treatment is likely to be unsuccessful.

3. How long will I have to stay at the hospital?

You will have to be admitted a day prior to the actual procedure. While most patients need to stay for 2 days to a week, the period of hospitalization will depend on your general health as well as the nature of the surgery.

4. Will I be in pain after spine surgery?

There might be some post operative pain depending on the level of surgery. However, the best spine specialist in Bangalore will ensure that the pain remains limited. You will start feeling relaxed with proper medications as well. On a general note, the pain is likely to last for 4-5 days and the intensity continues to lessen with each passing day until it all but disappears within a couple of weeks after the spinal surgery.

5. What safety measures would I require once I am discharged from the hospital?

It would be best to follow the post operative care as instructed by your surgeon. You would be advised to restrict certain activities like bending and squatting. Lifting heavy weights is a strict no-no too. It would be best to take the advice of the top spinal consultants in Bangalore from time to time should you feel any discomfort.

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