Sattvik Foundation- A Prominent Medical Center for Spinal Treatments in Bangalore

Ibuprofen, a commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug has been in the course to treat back pain for several years offer little advantage. But, according to the research team of renowned global medical health institute, the drug causes side effects to the body as well.

The findings of the systematic review, published in a top-notch journal disclosed that out of six patients treated with this pill, also termed as NSAIDs, attain any significant pain reduction. The study is the most recent work from renowned global medical health institute asking the efficaciousness of existing medicines for back pain treatment. Few earlier studies have already established that paracetamol is futile and opioids offer the minimum advantage over placebo.

There are several spinal issues like back pain which become extensive and where medicines become ineffective to heal the problems. Osteoporosis, Spinal tumors, Cervical spondylitis, scoliosis and others are some ailments that may be effectively treated with surgeries.

Sattvik Spine Foundation located in Bangalore and administered by Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa, best scoliosis surgeon and his associates is not only Bengaluru’s top notch center for treating spinal disorders but also its India’s one of leading and trusted centers for spinal surgeries.

The experience and expertise of prominent doctor and his capable associates have benefitted numbers of people in getting out of troubles from aforesaid diseases. Apart from this, the medicinal and lab facilities are excellent. If you are looking for best spine surgery in Bangalore, then Sattvik Foundation is there to help you.

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