Spine Stenosis – a major problem for the people

Column of bone is called as spine and this is considered as vertebrae. It basically provides the support and stability to the upper part of the body. With the help of it, we can turn or twist. In vertebrae, the spinal nerves are run and conduct various signals from brains to other part of the body. These nerves mainly protected by the bones and tissues around it. Once these nerves get damage or not work properly, these may effect on functions like sensation power, walking and balance.

Spinal stenosis is a condition in a body where the spinal column gets narrow and also starts pressing the spinal cord. This condition is basically quite gradual. If narrowing or pressure is lesser then there will be no symptoms but it is too much, it can compress the nerves and creates too many problems to the body.

Stenosis can be present at anywhere in the spine but the effect of it on spine can be vary.

There is other names for spinal stenosis

  • pseudo-claudication
  • central spinal stenosis
  • foramina spinal stenosis

Symptoms that shown by the spinal stenosis are given as below

  • Weakness in the leg or arm
  • Pain in lower back at the time of standing or walking
  • Problems in the balance

These symptoms can be relieved by sitting in a chair but these can return after walking or standing for a some period of time.

Aging is the most common causes for the spinal stenosis because degeneration processes occurs after you are getting older. Tissues present in the spine get thickened and bones also get bigger and start pressing the nerves.

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Instead of this, there are many conditions behind the cause of spinal stenosis is

  • Defects in the spine at the time of birth
  • Bone tumour
  • Scoliosis or spinal curvature
  • Bone disease that causes abnormal bone destruction and regrowth

If you have any kind of symptoms, firstly doctor will see your medical history and him or her my observe your physical examination and movements. To confirm the spinal stenosis, the doctor will do-

  • MRI Scan or CT scan
  • X ray
  • Scanning of the bone to look after the damage or the growths in the spine of body.

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