What is the Cost for Spine Surgery in India

Approximately 90% of the total population suffering from back pain. The problem of back pain is quite persistent in today’s time due to which you may end up going for spine surgery. In case of surgery, some patients recover well without much effort but some of them require extra effort for a good recovery.

Here you require a good surgeon and hospital upon which you can rely completely. And you find only find Top spine surgeon in India at Sattvik Foundation.

Spine is the major part of body

Spines are meant to provide structural support to our body. The spinal bones are known as vertebrae. The spinal cord is a large bundle of tissue which carries nerves from the brain to the rest of body. Your spine supports your body to move freely and comfortably with flexibility. It helps you keeping standing in the right posture.

Major Advantages of Spine surgery

Faster Recovery – The fast recovery and the less risk of infection is the major advantage of spine surgery. There is no harm to the muscles and tissues while during surgery but only when you consult the good doctors who can perform Best spine surgery in India.

Affordable cost –At Sattvik Foundation, surgery cost is quite affordable.

Best adopted technology – Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa has adopted the best and high-quality treatment through upgraded and advanced technologies. He uses the appropriate method for providing relief to the patients.

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