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Our whole family is so grateful to Dr Yogesh K Pithwa. Ten years back my husband had severe pain in his lower back. And the upper body was slanted to the right side. He was just 44 then. Everyone threatened not to go for surgery. But the way Dr Yogesh Pithwa explained the facts, we were convinced about surgery. And he conducted L4-L5 discectomy to my husband. The post operation stay in hospital was only for two days. The outcome is so satisfying. He has got a new life. And, my mother’s body had been bent forward for more than 8 years. We could not see the pain she was going through. And 9 months back she fell in the bathroom following which she had pain in mid-back and abdomen. But she was in a village and people did not care much. But the situation worsened day by day. She started getting leg pain which increased gradually. She was completely bed-ridden. We shifted her to Bangalore. Again the same problem. She has a big circle of relatives who opposed the surgery. But we had experienced success in my husband’s case. So I alone went to hospital with my mom. The next day surgery was done for almost 8 hours. 16 screws and a rod were implanted on her spine. Now, after 45 days from surgery, she’s standing straight and able to walk on her own. Nearly a hundred of my relatives are spell-bound. People have no knowledge about spine surgery and about the expert  & best spine surgeons in Bangalore like Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa. I have come across many people who would be needing spine surgery, but hesitating to go for it. This is purely because lack of knowledge. My family is best example of them. On this auspicious occasion of doctor’s day, I wish every needy person should get guidance to this surgery and a painless life.


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