Types of Spine Surgery – Get to Know

Pain in the back is not so much at most of the occasions. On most of the occasions , there is no need to go under surgery. Pain can be treated without doing any surgery. One more reality is that around 20-40 percent of surgeries are not successful ; thus they do not help in getting rid of pain in the back. This term is so common and is known by the word , failed back surgery syndrome or procedure. Keeping all things in mind but sometimes the situation may arise where you surely need to go under surgery like in nerve compression, deformities etc.

A spine surgeon in Bangalore will recommend whether the surgery has to be done on the basis of the situation of your spine. This will be done as a last step, when there is no other options work.

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When do you have to go under the spine surgery procedure?

As per NIAMS (national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin disease ) , the given conditions are the crucial for candidates to go under surgery procedure –

Ø  Ruptured or herniated disc –it is the situation where the discs that cushion the spines bones get damaged

Ø  Spinal stenosis –it is the situation where narrowing occurs of the spinal column which put pressure on the spinal cord as well as on nerves

Ø  Spondylolithesis–situation where more than one bone splits out of the place.

Ø  Degenerative disc disease –mostly occurs when the individuals get older with time.


Types of back surgery- 

  • Spinal decompression –this surgery is performed when the narrowing of the spine occurs. Here’s the specialist remove the vertebrae bony wall to remove the pressure from the nerves.
  • Kyphoplasty–basically used to repair the vertebrae compression fractures. This kind of fracture is basically caused by osteoporosis. Output is to strengthen the bone.
  • Discectomy –here when there is herniated, the disc is removed and also used to relieve the pressure from the nerve.
  • Foraminotomy–here the bony hole is enlarged by the spine surgeon to exit the nerve root which bulges with age to remove the extra pressure from the nerve.

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