conditions of spine problems & their symptoms

Spine pain can be so challenging for every individual who suffers from it. Sometimes individuals can protect themselves from such kind of such by knowing the actual reason behind the pain. But you have to make a quick decision before going into deep trouble, for that you need the best spine surgeon in Bangalore who can look after the problem of the spine from that you are suffering. Individuals who are interested in making the spine a healthier one should know the conditions of the spine. Some of the conditions are as given below –

Condition 1:  spine (osteoarthritis) –

This condition can harm any joint of the body and the individual’s spine. It is a kind of degenerative disorder that causes loss of function and structure of the spine. Aging can also be the reason behind it.

Reasons behind the cause of such condition –

  • Defect in the cartilage ( genetic )
  • Traumatic injury to the joint

Diagnose –

  • Through x-ray
  • Blood test
  • MRI

Condition 2: spinal stenosis –

It is the condition where the spinal canal gets narrowed. This condition can be so serious sometimes.

It may arise due to wear and tear happen in the joint. In some individuals, there are no symptoms shown for this condition.

Types of spinal stenosis –

  • Lumber stenosis and cervical stenosis 

Symptoms –

  • Weakness in the foot
  • Pain in the back

Condition 3:  Herniated disc –  

A condition where the problem arises with a rubbery disc between the bones of the spine. Sometimes this condition may be treated without doing the surgery. This condition may affect one side of an individual’s body.

If the pain is happening for a longer period of time, you should go to a spine specialist for treatment. The specialist will suggest that your pain be treated without going to surgery or surgery is needed to cure it. Mainly medications are given first to make sure treatment should be in an easier way.

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Way to keep the spine healthier and fitter for a long period of time

Maintaining the right posture and pursuing a healthy lifestyle makes you feel fit and fine and your body also feels relaxed. Not only the whole body but the impact of such activities make your spine healthy and fit for a longer period of time. The majority of problems arise in front of individuals related to the spine if they do not follow the crucial activities necessary for the spine to remain fit. If anything wrong, the spine specialist suggests activities that make your spine fitter.

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best spine surgeon in Bangalore India

There are some tips given below which can help you and your spine fitter for a longer period of time:-


While spending –


  • Individuals have to stand up in one place for a good amount of time.
  • Knees should be slightly bent while standing and your one foot should be a little more forward as compared to the other one.
  • By standing in such a situation, pressure is released from the lower back of the individual.
  • You shouldn’t bend forward towards your waist for a longer period of time, this can make you feel pain in the spine.
  • pain may arise due to muscles get fatigued.


While lifting the heavyweight –

  • While lifting the weight, you should not have to twist. It is the most dangerous thing to the spine while lifting weight.
  • If you have gone through the surgery process, consult surely recommended you not to do the twisting moments
  • You shouldn’t lift or carry the heavyweight if you are not used to it.
  • Pushing the heavyweight is much better than pulling it.
  • Don’t do lifting all alone of the heavyweight, try to get help from other people also.
  • More important, you should keep the heavy material near to the body while carrying.


While Sitting-

  • You shouldn’t have to roll your shoulders forward.
  • Maintain a good posture for a longer period of time to release the pressure on the back.
  • After sitting 30 – 40 minutes, need to stand up and take a break.


There are much more things that can help you to keep the spine healthier and makes you feel like a happier person. If you want to take the help of a consultant for healthy life and to know much more points to keep the spine healthy, you can consult to sattvik spine and scoliosis center – a top spine surgeon in india.

What is spinal stenosis and Latest the treatment for it?

Spinal stenosis is known by the other name spinal narrowing. It can create pressure on the spinal cord and nerves present within the spine. It basically happens during the changes in age. Decompressing surgery is the process that opens the canals of the bony, through this the spinal cord and nerves get passes due to this more space is created for easy movement. Narrowing of the spine creates a lot of pain in the back of the individuals and muscles of the legs and spine get also weakened due to spinal stenosis. Firstly recommended step in this situation is medications and physical therapies. get consulted Best spine surgeon in India.

Spine specialists are the experts who can perform joint replacement surgery. The treatment is based on the situation of the patients and it can vary from individuals to individuals. Sometimes the joint pain can be serious and it can affect your day-to-day life. Hence it is so important for you to choose the best spine surgeon for the surgery process nearby your area. There are many situations that may lead to pain in the joint and disability which can further lead to joint replacement surgery.

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Spinal decompression is the procedure that can be used along the spine from the neck to the lower back. In this kind of surgery, an incision has to be done in the back muscle.

Spinal Decompression surgeries are of various types, some of them are given below –

Laminotomy –

In this type of surgery, the small portion of the lamina and the ligaments are removed By the surgeon, this is done on only one side.

There are also some cases where an endoscope may be used for the smaller cut.

Laminoplasty –

Expansion of the spinal cord is known as Leminaplasty. In this process let me know is correct only from one side.

This process is only used in the neck area.

Foraminotomy –

This is a process where the bone is removed around the neural foramen.

Discectomy –

it is the process where the degenerative disc is removed to relieve the pressure from the nerve.

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The Best Sleeping Tips for Back Pain

As time goes on, sleep can be a factor that can lead to chronic back pain. Studies also confirmed the fact that disturbance in sleeping or short duration of sleep leads to back pain problems.

Consult the Top Spine Surgeon in India.

It is true once you wake up with lower back pain, the next night you will not sleep properly with such kind of pain in the body. Lack of good quality of sleep further can do a lot of complications to the individuals. Back pain sometimes also depends on the senses of the brain for the sleeping time. One sleep coach named Dr. Micheal Breus said that more sleepless times more will be the pain in the back of the individual.


Mainly the two factors are responsible for the sleep of an individual and it is suggested by the experts one is the environment of the sleeping of an individual and the other one is bedroom elements and the routine of your bedtime. These can be the main causes behind the pain but many more reasons are behind the back pain as per the expert suggestion. Many reasons are available behind the back pain of the individual and this is the fact that all pain can lead to less time for sleep.

First step –

Consider the good quality of the mattress

The quality of the mattress can influence the sleep time of the individual. The foundation NSF reports the person average life of sleep on a bed is 30000 hours. Sometimes the pain may also arise due to weak muscles, poor work economics but a poor quality bed mattress will increase the pain in the back. If individuals wake up two or more than at night he or they may feel stiffness in the body. Dr. Brues suggested that –

A medium-firm mattress is best not too hard or not too soft

The mattress should have memory foam that supports the body of an individual

The second step –

Find a suitable quality the pillow 

Pillow also supports the spine portion, it suggests that a pillow can help in lowering the back pain of an individual. Pillow helps the individual to achieve the body posture in a correct way which leads to good sleep over a night.

At last, you must follow the routine things which can help you to remove fit and fine for a longer period of time. If you any queries, consult the best specialist at affordable.

Are you looking for joint replacement surgery at an affordable cost?

Joint replacement surgery is so often used process in the present time. Joint replacement is a process where the damaged part of the joint is removed and replaced with an artificial one for proper functioning. If we talk about the types of surgery done for joints, it is basically of two types one is total and another one is partial. Partial joint replacement is a process where the doctor suggested surgery if the joint gets damaged and needs to repair. An example of this would be the hip that needs the ball, so for this condition, an artificial ball is inserted for functioning. Total replacement is done at a broader level and needs to replace the whole joint or part and this condition mainly arises after the traumatic cases.

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This surgery process is so complicated and requires a lot of attention and time. Recovery time is so much more for this as compared to the partial one. Sometimes the people wonder why orthopedic surgeon suggest this surgery over the other treatments so there are many benefits of joint surgery some of them are given below –

Provide long term relief-

With joint replacement surgery, people get relief for a long period of time. You cannot get relief from any other things like medicine or from the injection as you can get from this surgical procedure. The main reason behind is this is that other methods cannot fix the damaged joints. In spite of them, they will help to reduce the pain to carry out the exercises or activities done on regular basis.

Addressing the cause of root –

With joint replacement surgery, joint pain can be fixed very easily. Here the surgeon mainly focused on the root cause, not on the symptoms. Once the reason is known for the joint pain, individuals don’t have to worry about the medications and injections.


It is not done for particular joints, with this surgical procedure you can treat or fix any of the joints in the body. Due to this, it is very effective for each and every joint in the body.

This procedure of surgery also helps to reduce the dependency on the drug and get relief from your pain.   contact with the best spine surgeon in India at an affordable cost.

Get Solved You All Culprits Of Back Pain Through Reliable Service Provider In Bangalore

Most of us are in such kind of generation where we lack so many activities which are so crucial to make the people mentally and physically fit. Due to a lack of physical activities, people are caught in various problems. Back pain is one of them which create a lot of problem for people in the current situation. Reason for coming to the pain in the back are many some of them are –

  • Injury
  • Poor posture
  • Overuse of muscle

Treatment of pain depends on the situation of the severity of the pain but most of the cases are cured with physical therapies and medications. Upper back the region between the base of the neck and the ribcage. 12 bones are combined together to form this region and doctors call this region the thoracic spine. The first bone is connected with the neck base and the last bone meets the ribcage. When individuals feel pain in the back, symptoms will appear between points. People describe the pain as a burning sensation at a single point.

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The upper pain of the back is not as common as lower pain but 10 percent of men as 25 percent of women are suffering from this situation.

The reason for the upper back pain may because of various reasons and sometimes people also forget the pain and continue to do the work but this may lead to severe conditions. So whenever you feel little or negligible pain, you should consult to spine surgeon which is available nearby you.

Given below some culprits behind the back pain.

De conditioning of the muscle and poor posture of the body

Sometimes people do over lifting due to this overload has put on the body and as a result back pain arises. Doing the exercises on a regular basis help to reduce the pain and the body is also get strengthened.

Sometimes traumatic back injuries also make people suffer from back pain for long period.

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