Can We Do Spine Surgery in a Five-Year-Old Kid?

If you’re wondering, “Can we do spine surgery in a five-year-old kid?” there are a number of factors to consider. Early surgery is easier and will require less spinal fusion than surgery at a later age. Also, the patient should be in good health and have strong family support. The recovery time is usually about one to two months. After that, the child can return to their normal activities. have best consultation with best spine surgeon in bangalore.

The earliest surgery for a child with a curvature of at least 40 degrees is called “growth-friendly” surgery. It involves using telescoping rods to hold the spine in place while the child grows. This is usually repeated every couple of months. Once the child stops growing, the rods are removed and the final surgery is performed to straighten the spine. Once the child grows up and shows no signs of further curvature, a final operation can be performed to fuse the spine in a way that makes it straight.

Depending on the severity of the curvature, a spinal fusion may be a good option for a five-year-old child. This type of surgery combines spinal fusion with a bone graft. This procedure fixes a child’s spine and helps them grow straighter, but can’t completely correct it. It is not recommended for a child younger than 10 years old, because the curve will have become too large.

Another surgical option is a VEPTR (vertical ependymological pharynx) procedure, which straightens the spine and provides space for the child’s internal organs. The device is attached to the spine through a rib, pelvis, or collar bone. The surgery is adjusted as the child ages and reaches full skeletal maturity. VEPTR is the most advanced treatment for a child with a deformed spine.

Scoliosis is often painful for a child. The curvature is so severe, it can change the heart and lung function and cause damage to the spinal cord. It is important to choose the right treatment for a child with a deformed spine. A child with a curvature of less than six degrees will not need surgery. If it becomes severe, however, surgery may be the best option.

If a child has a deformed lumbar spinal column, pediatric  best spine  surgeon bangalore will recommend early definitive fusion. Early spinal fusion will allow the child to grow normally and avoid painful complications such as infections. It is important to note that surgery performed before five years of age may stunt the growth of the thoracic cage. The child should also be able to perform daily activities before the age of five.

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