FAq on Kids Spine Surgery

If your child needs spinal fusion, the first post-operative visit is about three to six weeks after the procedure. You will also need to wait for a while before your child can drive. It is important to remember that your child should not take muscle relaxers or prescription pain medication after surgery. They should also be able to move their head with limited pain. You can discuss your concerns with your  best spine surgeon Bangalore  before the procedure. After your child is stabilized, they will be taken to the PACU for a short stay.

The duration of kids spine surgery usually varies between two and six hours depending on the size of the curve and complexity of the surgery. The rods and screws used during spine surgery are made of titanium or cobalt chrome alloy. The metals are very safe to use, but your child will be shorter after the surgery than before. Your child may also need physical therapy. After the procedure, your child will likely be in the hospital for a few days, but this will depend on the type of surgery.

In addition to pain medication, your child will likely be given ibuprofen before the procedure. Regardless of the type of medication you choose, make sure to follow the directions carefully. You may also want to start your child on a stool softener at least three days before the procedure. The child should take the stool softener until they return to normal bowel habits. After that, they can stop taking the medication.

A cervical halo ring or cervical collar are braces that are worn on the neck. These braces are not considered surgical procedures, and don’t require the use of anesthesia. However, the surgical approach depends on the exact location of the bone damage. The spine and brainstem are often approached through an incision at the back of the neck. In these cases, bone structures or small pieces can press on the spinal cord, which can result in pain and loss of nerve function.

Before the procedure, your child will be asked to tell you about any previous surgeries or pain medicines they have had. Your child may be nervous about the procedure, but this should not be a concern as most pediatric spine specialists are well trained and experienced in the procedures. Moreover, your child will be in the best possible hands and will be comfortable during the procedure. If you are worried about your child’s recovery, you can consult a pediatric spine specialist for a second opinion.

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