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The spine is a complex yet well-developed structure in humans and is one of the most vital parts of the body. Envisioning an existence without a spine is unimaginable, as it is that piece of the body which support a human in activities like standing up, twisting down and others. Thus, taking proper care of this part is of immense importance. If not, then you may end up with various issues related to your spine and nervous system.  To never get spine issues consult with top spine surgeon in India.

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Symptoms and effects of Spine injuries

Spinal injury symptoms largely depend on the location. If the injury is in the cervical region then the effect arises at head and neck region. But if your injury is in the thoracic region it may trouble your hands and abdomen. Similarly, if the problem is in the lumbar region then you may feel pain in lower back and legs. Common effects of the spinal injury are sensation loss and reflex function, breathing difficulty, paralysis, severe back pain, loss of mobility and much more. Thus, never ignore any such issues and contact Get Treated by Top Spine Surgeon in India to get rid off spinal pain  or spine surgery in affordable cost at Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center.

Spine surgery

Some of the issues mentioned above can be treated through surgery. But prior to proceeding further with any treatment related to Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine or Lumbar Spine, you should check with the good surgeon. You can contact Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center for Best spine surgery in Bangalore. The doctors have expertise in this field and will advise surgery only as a last option. So, contact expert doctors for the treatment of your most vital part of the body.

Here’s are the some benefits of the spine surgery-:

• Better movement
• Moods get improved
• Looks and feels more physically fit
• Don’t have to take much medicines
• Can go freely to work
• Much more productive at working timeIs there any risk during the surgery ??

Surgeon suggested that there may be some complications that may arise during or after the surgery given as below :-
• Heart attack
• Changes of blood clotting in your legs that may also affect the lungs
• Chances for infection
• Damage of the nerves which may lead to the paralysis.
• Anaesthesia reaction

How can anyone prepare yourself for the spine surgery?
If you want to prepare yourself for spine or back surgery , firstly you have to stop the smoking. Another crucial thing is exercise, you should have to do exercises on a regular basis with correct posture to improve the recovery rate. You don’t have to take extra medications, they may do the reaction so ask the questions to the spine that may arise in your mind.

The spine surgeon do the spine surgery by two ways –

• As open surgery
• As minimally invasive surgery

In open surgery, surgeons do the large incision to see and access the spinal anatomy and after that the spine surgeon performed the surgery while in minimally invasive surgery, the spine surgeon only make small cut and performed the spine surgery. There is no requirement of large incision .

Take Appointment & Consult with Best spine Surgeon in India.  Read Some Frequently Questions –  FAQs of Low Back Pain


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