Can We Do Spine Surgery in the Age of 70?

One of the main questions a patient has when thinking about undergoing spine surgery is, “Can we do it at the age of 70?” The answer depends on the specific condition and your overall health. You may be able to safely undergo spinal surgery at a later age, but if you have certain health comorbidities or are obese, you may need to be careful and have an initial assessment with a best spine surgeon in Bangalore.

Although back and spinal surgery has a low complication rate, a general anesthesia can lead to temporary lung issues. To ensure a fast recovery, doctors recommend physical exercise to promote lung function. There’s a small risk of infection with spinal surgery, but an incision site infection can spread to the vertebrae or spinal cord. To protect against infection, many doctors prescribe antibiotics prior to surgery. Some doctors use bone grafts to prevent infection. Infection of the bone grafts and metal hardware may require further surgery.

Spine surgery requires a surgical incision in the front of the patient. This approach is considered to be the most dangerous, and severe complications have been reported. The surgeon’s goal is to remove the damaged disc and replace it with an identical artificial one. This surgery can make daily tasks difficult for the elderly, but it is the best option for many people who need to undergo spine surgery. They may not be able to drive themselves, so home care providers are a good choice.

The mortality rate for elderly patients after spinal surgery is much higher than in the general population. The patient’s age and physical condition will ultimately influence the decision to undergo the surgery. While a higher mortality rate does not necessarily mean that a patient should not undergo the procedure, it can be helpful to understand what the risks are and which best spine  surgeon bangalore’s are best suited to perform this type of surgery. Once you understand these factors, you can make an informed decision.

While there are many benefits to spinal fusion in older patients, a high rate of morbidity is associated with the procedure. If performed properly, the procedure can help improve the quality of life for these patients and can reduce the overall rate of fusion. If you are 70 years or older and have back pain, you may be eligible for this procedure if you are otherwise healthy and haven’t been taking opioid medication or need it.

Laminectomy is a surgical procedure in which a bone graft is placed between problematic vertebrae. The vertebrae are fused to create a solid unit that limits the motion of the spinal cord. Metal plates or rods may be used to stabilize the graft. In some cases, the surgery may involve setting up a biological response to the procedure. In either case, the body will build bone grafts that will fuse the spine. ( best spine surgery in bangalore )

FAq on Kids Spine Surgery

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