Sattvik Foundation Known for Best Spine Surgery in India

In present time back pain or spinal diseases are the main reasons for spine surgery. Almost 90% of people suffer from a disease like scoliosis. Spinal surgery is not as easy as one would think; it has lots of methodicalness and needs real expertise.

Bangalore is the destination where expert spinal surgeons can easily be found. Sattvik Foundation is one center in Bangalore where one can find Best spine surgery in India with all essential and medical facilities.


Why Sattvik Foundation?


Well, one may have choices for the spinal surgery in the city, but what Sattvik Foundation can provide you is unmatchable. The foundation leads on the bank of expert doctors like Dr. Yogesh K.Pithwa and Dr. Deepa Y. Pithwa. These two spinal surgeons are recognized for their successful treatment records.

A Little Discussion about These Doctors

  1. Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa– He is the first Indian accredited as super specialist surgeon in spine surgery by National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. Basically, he is one of the eminent spinal surgeons present in India today and his association with Sattvik Foundation is no less than a boon.
  2. Dr. Deepa Y. Pithwa– After graduating in Ayurveda from Mumbai, Dr. Deepa got expertise in “Panchkarma” at recognized Vaidya Pharmacy of Coimbatore, India. Mechanical backaches which are easy to be resolved with allopathy or spinal surgeries are benefited with the expertise of Dr. Deepa.

Other Facilities-
Best Spine Surgery in India

Sattvik Foundation has all round diagnostic facilities with the availability of high-performing X-ray machines and other tools.

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