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As we are living in such a kind of world where we don’t have time to take care of ourselves due to facing many problems as we grow up. Spinal pain is also one of so common problems that occurs in most of the individuals.  Spine is such an important part of the body and it is formed by 33 bones which are stacked with each other to form a single structure which is known as spine. The foremost work of the spine is to provide support to the body and help in the physical moments like walking, running etc. Instead of this it also provides strength and stability to the body. Proper diet and physical therapy helps the individuals to get free from problems that may arise in the spine but if the posture is not right then people may suffer from various problems related to spine are as given below –

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  • Sciatica – It is the condition which is basically perceived by legs and this kind of situation is started from the lower back after that it reaches to both legs. This condition arises because of the herniated disc in the spine which provides pressure on the spine nerves.
  • Scoliosis – It is the condition where the shape of the spine gets slightly deformed. Bones get tilted into the one direction. Basically occurs during the maturity period . Cases of the scoliosis are not so painful but where the severe condition occurs, patients may feel so much spine surgeon in bangalore


  • Spinal Stenosis – It is the condition where the spinal canal is narrowed. This condition creates a lot of pressure on the nerves and spinal cord present in the spine.
  • De-generative disc – It is also known by another name , osteoarthritis. Basically arises in the neck and the lower back of the body. Common symptom of this problem is pain.

There are other problems present like spinal fusion and lumbar discectomy. These all problems related to this are treated by the spinal specialist who has had experience of years. In Bangalore you can consult the sattvik spine and scoliosis centre to treat any kind of pain related to spine by Best Spine surgeon in India.

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