How to Select Right Surgeon for Spine Surgery?

The option of going in for spine surgery is not something that you can afford to take lightly. The first step is consulting the best spine specialist in India and get his opinion. However, who do you consider as a specialist when it is mandatory to get spine treatment in Bangalore? Should you approach surgeon well versed in Orthopaedic or is it a Neurosurgeon that you are looking for.

This is one of the most common questions that plagues the patient afflicted by intense back pain or spine affecting conditions like tumors, tuberculosis or scoliosis.

It might be best to check out the facts before approaching the first medical professional who is eager to perform spinal surgery. You would be surprised to learn that neurosurgeons used to be the top spine surgeons once upon a time i.e. 20 to 25 years ago. However, those days have long passed. Both the orthopaedic as well as the neurosurgeon can specialize in spinal surgery today.

The actual choice of the surgeon depends on your condition though. An orthopaedic surgeon is the person most suitable to help you when you have a spinal deformity resulting from arthritis or scoliosis. The neurosurgeon, on the other hand, can help you better when you require intradural surgery for thecal sac tumors.

The choice between neuro and orthopaedic surgeon is not as important as the skill and expertise of the spine surgeons in Bangalore though. You need to ask the surgeon whether he/she specializes in cervical spine disorders or concentrates on the lumbar region. You also need to understand that spinal surgery in the thoracic region can also be performed by both types of surgeons. Spinal fusion is yet another condition that both neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons are capable of performing via micro surgery or a less invasive spine surgery.

The choice should be made keeping your own condition in mind. The number of years that the best consultant for spine surgery has behind him is also a serious matter to contemplate. Remember that more experience means a better spine surgery unless he happens to be a prodigy. You should also go ahead and ask the surgeon about the risks involved in spine surgery and whether he / she is expecting any sort of complication later on.

The best spine specialist in India will, of course, try to reassure you by discussing the surgical procedure with you before you go in for the surgery. The best spine specialist is sure to offer a range of treatments to you and describe them in detail. You would be well within your rights to inquire about the non surgical alternatives available and whether they would work for you.

Do try to opt for one of the top spine surgeons in Bangalore especially one who is comfortable with minimum injury and invasion to the affected part of your body. It might also help to seek a second and even third opinion before you commit yourself to such a major surgical process.

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